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Had a blast from your event or project? Blog it with us so you get remembered many times over for the fabulous work you have done. Let great memories stay forever for millions and more to view. The more experiences you share, the higher your awareness and leads.

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Custom Posts Through Social Media Channels’s in-house creative team works with brands and wedding service providers to craft custom social posts that promotes their services and are designed for sharing. Content ranges from humor to inspirational, and comes in various formats, lists to quizzes, infographics, and cinemagraphs.

Customposts are crafted in an authentic voice that communicates the service provider’s excellence, and inspires people to share. People share when they are able to associate their aspirations for a dream wedding to the service provider.

Article And Video’s creative content teams produces original articles and video content designed for couples who want a perfect wedding. With a dedicated staff and production studio based in Singapore, we aim to create inspirations for dream weddings.

Service providers can work with to bring their success stories to inspire more wedding couples.

Social Discovery

Social Discovery is the process of discovering news and information through social networks and feeds.’s digital marketing team specializes in this process and promotes branded content through native ads on social networks. With the ability to target specific audiences and serve them content they would want to engage with, Social Discovery is proven to boost user engagement with advertiser content and is included as a line item in every TWM’s program.

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Thousands browse daily in seek of their dream wedding, with woman aged 23-40 making up 60% of the viewers. Products and services targeted to this group of viewers will gain desired impressions and returns through advertising on our platform.

The digital marketing team of is here to help businesses find the right formula for advertising effectively.

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