10 Ways You Can Make Your Wedding Ceremony Truly Unique  

28 APRIL 2016

Your wedding is going to be the most special day in your life – why not make it memorable and unique for your guests as well? More often than not, wedding ceremonies end up being just the same and guests are often found counting time to the reception. While you put in so much thought and effort to make the day beautiful and ensure your guests’ comfort, Wedding Mart brings you 10 ways to make your wedding ceremony truly unique and have the guests talking about it for years to come.

#1 A special venue

Bail out of the traditional venues if your sensibilities permit and choose a venue that holds some special significance for both of you – the place where you first met, the place where you went on your first date, a park for the outdoorsy, maybe a ship deck for the travel buffs…the options are as wide as your imagination goes…

#2 Seating arrangement

Make your special venue cozier for the guests, family and yourselves. Instead of the row seating, opt for semi circular seating (or standing). Have your beautiful ceremony amidst this circle of well-wishers and friends.

#3 Pretty flowers in a row

Tap into flower power with a live flower station for guests to create their own bunches and boutonnieres. While you are at it, why not let your bridesmaids carry DIY bunches of their favourite flowers to add some more colour to the ceremony.

#4 Candlelight ceremony

Pass on candles to all your guests and have the best man pass on the flame. Dim the lights and exchange rings in the warm glow of candles held by all your loved ones.

#5 Communal vows

This one’s great to involve everyone in your special ceremony. Once you have exchanged the vows, why not have the guests vow their support for your undying love to each other.

#6 Some extra blessings

Passing your rings around to each guest before you exchange them can make the ceremony much more meaningful for each person present at the wedding. It is a truly special feeling to exchange rings that have been blessed by everyone present in the gathering.

#7 A group song

Sing your favourite song and have the family and friends join in for a fun and upbeat experience.

#8 Out of the ordinary first dance

It doesn’t have to be Waltz everytime! Break the monotony and surprise your guests with a hip-hop routine or some salsa. If your parents are up for joining in, the merrier the better…

#9 Interesting favors

It is always great to plan thoughtful favors for your guests who have taken time off from their busy schedules to be a part of your celebration. How about personalized bottles of bubbly, some scented soaps and a hand written note of gratitude from the bride and groom.

#10 Child’s play

This one will have your guests thanking you from the bottom of their hearts. Hire a baby sitter and create a play area for kids with a television, loads of Disney movies, some paper, crayons, games and of course, some ice-cream and treats. Guests will be more than happy to have some time off and let their hair down at the reception.

We hope these ideas will truly help you make your wedding ceremony unique. At TheWeddingMart.sg, we aim to bridge the gap between the ‘soon-to-be-married’ and the service providers who could create a memorable wedding for you. Post your requirement online and save time and money by receiving the best quotes, quickly.

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10-Ways-You-Can-Make-Your-Wedding-Ceremony-Truly-Unique http://www.theweddingmart.sg/blog/10-ways-you-can-make-your-wedding-ceremony-truly-unique http://www.theweddingmart.sg/public/resources/blog_images/700/1461858917.jpg Your wedding is going to be the most special day in your life ndash why not make it memorable and unique for your gues

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