5 Latest Trends in Wedding Photography  

02 APRIL 2016

Your wedding day is a day that's bound to be filled with millions of wonderful moments that can pass you by in the hectic pace of the day. Therefore, it falls to your wedding photographer to capture these moments in a way that retains the magic of the moment when it was captured. Wedding photography today has gone beyond the clinical approach of posed photography and has ventured into spontaneous candid photography that has no artifice. Perusing your wedding album in the aftermath of a hectic wedding day can be all the more joyful when your photos preserve the spontaneity of every moment that occurred on your big day.

Here are some trends in wedding photography that are prevalent with photographers:

1. Pre-Wedding Photography: Let's face it, being camera ready and camera friendly is not easy. Your wedding day is the grand finale, and there are no do-overs. The last thing you'll need on this day are photographs that highlight your pre-wedding jitters and anxiety, especially when your photographer has been hired just for the day. Pre-wedding shoots therefore serve a dual purpose. One, they give you a means to capture your post-engagement happiness, and two, they allow you to get comfortable with your photographer. These sessions should ideally be booked months before your wedding, to allow for a more relaxed atmosphere that is conducive to establishing a rapport with your photographer. The photos captured in this session also give you a whole range of choices to personalize your wedding invitations, save the date cards and wedding décor. 

2. First Look: Gone are the days of the superstition of “not seeing the bride before the wedding”. These days, the “First Look” has become a cherished tradition on wedding days. The moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time - outside the constraints of the wedding ceremony – adds a layer of pure elation and joy. Seeing this genuine moment captured candidly on film will allow you to relive this moment in emotional detail when you peruse your wedding album.

3. Candid Wedding Group Shoots: Your wedding day is all about the heady, joyful feelings that permeates the atmosphere. The genuine emotions that are openly displayed on a wedding day are definitely worth capturing for your wedding album. These days couples opt for candid photography sessions that allow your photographer to exercise more creativity in their art. Whether it's capturing an intimate moment between the bride and groom, or a toast between the wedding guests, or a shot of your friends getting your car ready, candid photos can add that touch of genuineness to a wedding album.

4. Natural Light and Backlit Photography: The artificial lighting at an indoor wedding venue, however beautiful, can never really top the beauty of natural sunlight, especially at dawn or sunset. Wedding photographers are largely choosing to take advantage of the softness afforded by natural light to take truly stunning photos that capture the beauty of the bride in her gown, or the  romance of a kiss on the backdrop of a setting sun. Backlit photography, where the subjects are photographed with their back to the sun, can also result in stunning visuals for your wedding album.

5. Black-and-white Photography: Black-and-white photography, when done right, can provide an old-world charm to your modern wedding photos. Black and white photos tend to sharpen their focus on the sufibject, and soften the background elements in the image. This, therefore, lends itself beautifully when the photographer desires to capture truly emotional moments in the wedding.

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