5 Simple Tips for Decorating Your Wedding Venue  

21 APRIL 2016

While your wedding day is all about promising to share a lifelong commitment to the one you love, the little details that contribute to making the day truly special are just as important. Your wedding and reception venue set the stage for the first act of the rest of your lives, and therefore, it's important that they reflect the harmony of you and your groom's personalities. Another key aspect to wedding décor is coordination. 

Here are five handy ways in which you can decorate your wedding venue:

1. Flowers:

Flowers are an instinctive choice when it comes to wedding décor. There are a number of creative ways in which one can spruce up a wedding venue with floral decorations. You can bunch them into beautiful arrangements to be used as centrepieces for your tables or as wall-decorations, either lining them all round the wall in garlands or in wall sconces all around the venue.  As to the flowers you choose, an ideal choice is to go with long-lasting flowers that complement your bridal bouquet, if you have one. 

2. Candles:

Candlelight has long been considered a romantic setting, and there's no better setting for your wedding venue. Whether it is simple white candles placed on tall and ornate candlesticks or low burning colourful candles placed strategically on each table, you can never go wrong with candles. You can also choose candles that will complement your floral decorations and tableware to create an ambiance that is truly memorable. A common practice in Singaporean weddings is the lighting of the unity candle, which symbolises the union.

3. Wedding Pompoms:

Pompoms are paper decorations that can add a dash of colour  to your wedding venue. These can hang from the ceiling or wedding tent, or even from your furniture (if it works well). These simple and cheap decorations can add everything from whimsy to elegance to your décor. As a bonus, they're cheaper and are usually handmade. They can vary in size – from small balls which can be strung together to large balls that can be hung separately from the ceiling.

4. Table Décor:

From the place setting cards to the table-ware, the table décor is central to pulling off an excellent wedding setting. Place setting cards with your guests' names in a calligraphic script will not only add a certain charm, but also adds a  personalised touch to the décor. You can also get creative with fabrics, using them to drape your tables and chairs in unique ways.  For banquet tables, streamers, ribbons and even napkins can be used to great effect for the perfect table settings. Additionally, little details like scattered confetti, petals, beads and seashells can be worked into the décor, as well.

5. Wedding PHotography:

If you're one of those couples who would love to add a touch of sentimentality to your décor, there's no better way to do that than setting up a spot to display your photographs. Couples who have opted for post-engagement photography can create an elegant display of photographs that showcase your post-engagement happiness. You can add a touch of nostalgia by putting together a display that traces you and your spouse-to-be's lives right from babyhood to present-day. 

When it comes to wedding venue décor, there are no limitation, at all. What you do need though is to find a decorator or florist who can make your dream setting a reality. TheWeddingMart.sg is the right place to find the best florist and decorating services who can transform your wedding venue into a setting that people will be talking about for ages. 

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