5 Tips for Giving a Great Best Man Speech  

23 MAY 2016

Excited to be the best man at your closest friend’s wedding? Make it special for the bride and groom by delivering a great best man speech that brings smiles and cheers to everyone. Predominantly a western tradition, best man speeches are getting popular in Singaporean weddings too. So if you are gearing up to deliver a best man’s speech, the following points will definitely help you to make it a memorable one.

Prepare – While it may seem like a perfectly great idea to deliver an impromptu speech on your best friend’s wedding, we recommend you write the speech in advance and also practice delivering it to make it extra special for the bride and groom. Many impromptu speeches have struck the wrong notes or missed the point, thanks to the effect of alcohol and the over-riding excitement in the crowd.

How to start writing – It is okay to feel lost when you sit down to write your speech; as a starting point, pen down your best memories with the couple, how you know them, some funny incident about the groom’s childhood, some story that brings out his character and how you feel that his chosen partner complements him perfectly, or has changed him for the good.

Keep it short – You may have spent your three decades with the groom, but your speech needn’t be ‘three-decade’ long. Keep it short, sweet and simple. Sprinkle in some humor, but keep in mind the sensibilities of the crowd. You don’t want any double-meaning lines ticking off the families. Also, dedicate some part of the speech to the bride as well, as this is where you introduce her as your buddy’s best decision and better half!

The beginning and the end – A smooth beginning, a great story connecting the couple and a neat ending - that is how a perfect best man’s speech must be structured. It is a widely accepted idea to start the speech by thanking everyone who is a part of the wedding. It is important to thank the bride and groom who made the wedding possible and show gratitude to the guests for attending the ceremony (especially to the families of the bride and groom who are central to the wedding). An apt ending is a must to wrap up the speech – use a common quote or recite a poem loved by the groom, or even crack a joke suitable to the occasion to create an effective ending.

Keep it light – It may be fun to pull your best buddy’s leg on all days, but refrain from doing so on his wedding day. If you decide to share his adolescent adventures, make sure there’s nothing you say that embarrasses him in front of the crowd. Also, be mindful of what you say about the bride, it is her big day and it is absolutely unacceptable to make her feel less than special at any point in time.

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