5 Tips to Match Your Bridal Shoes to Your Wedding Dress  

29 APRIL 2016

Once you have chosen your wedding gown, it's time to get started on your accessories. Your wedding shoes are perhaps the most important ones that you'll need to decide on. While choosing your shoes, remember that your big day while special, can also be long. It will necessitate being on your feet for more than just the ceremony. This means choosing a shoe that not only matches the elegance of your wedding gown, but also comfortable enough to wear without taxing your feet. Here are five tips on choosing your wedding shoes:

1. The Fabric:

Wedding shoes come in all kinds of fabric choices: crepe, satin, leather and satin. You will also need to choose a fabric that closely matches the colour of your wedding dress. It's generally a good idea to take a swatch of your wedding gown with you when you go shoe shopping. That way, you can ensure you pick a shoe that matches your wedding gown, both in colour and fabric.

2. Custom Embellishments:

These days, a number of brides are choosing to purchase plain pumps or sandals to which they can add their own embellishments to closely match the design of their wedding gown. This option, naturally, gives the bride more options over their shoe's design, along with adding that personal touch of elegance that is unique to the bride.

3. Heels? Flats? Platforms?:

There are a number of choices to pick from, when it comes to choosing the type of heels your shoe must have. First and foremost, always consider your comfort level. It can be tempting to pick high heels simply because it appears to be the norm. However, if you're more used to flat or moderate heels, go for those. Tripping down the aisle in teetering heels that you are not used to will make your wedding memorable... for all the wrong reasons.

4. The Gown and The Shoe:

You should also make sure that the shoe matches the style of your gown. For instance, open-toed shoes or sandals can go well with off-the-shoulder or open-back gowns, on the other hand, close-toed pumps go well with traditional full-skirted gowns. The length of your gown should also be taken into consideration. Once you have purchased your shoes, give yourself a trial-run by wearing the shoes with your dress. This will let your dressmaker/seamstress know exactly how to alter your hemline so that you don't trip on your skirt and so that your shoes can be still visible as you glide down the aisle.

5. Quirky is fine, too:

There's no rule that says your wedding shoes should be the exact same shade as your gown. Go on and add a splash of colour that's different from your wedding gown to your shoe. Weddings are not about doing what's always expected – adding a quirk or two here and there will make your day that much more special. Say, you could add a bow or tassel of the same colour as that of your bridesmaids' dresses to your pumps or sandals. Or you could simply forgo the white shoes, and go bolder with an entirely different shoe colour.

In conclusion, comfort and manageability should take precedence when choosing your shoes. The only emotions you want to take away from your big day is the exhilaration of pledging your life to the man in your life; you do not want to mar it by the discomfort caused by a shoe-bite or an unwieldy heel. At TheWeddingMart.sg, you will find a wide range of wedding dress and shoe retails and rentals. Browse through the site to get in touch with the one who can ensure that you look your sparkling best on your wedding day.

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5-Tips-to-Match-Your-Bridal-Shoes-to-Your-Wedding-Dress http://www.theweddingmart.sg/blog/5-tips-to-match-your-bridal-shoes-to-your-wedding-dress http://www.theweddingmart.sg/public/resources/blog_images/700/1461930667.jpg Once you have chosen your wedding gown it39s time to get started on your accessories Your wedding shoes are perhaps

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