5 Tips When Looking for the Best Videographer  

10 MAY 2016

When it comes to your wedding video, there are plenty of things need to be taken into consideration before you choose your videographer. In choosing the person(s) who will document your entire day and do it well, you'll need to get down to the minutest of details about the kind of service you expect from them, especially if you want your wedding video to capture the magic of the day in its entirety. It comes down to finding someone who you can trust to capture not only the moments that count, but also one who is discerning enough to capture those little candid moments that can often be missed in the rush of your day.

Here are a few tips on how to choose your wedding videographer.

1. The Budget: As is the case with most aspects of wedding planning, the budget is usually the first constraint that most couples consider. It's easy for couples to fall into the trap of a service that appears to offer it all under a low price. The key to a good-quality video is not the equipment, or even the amount of footage. No. In fact, it's the editing that determines a video's quality. Here's a handy tip: ask your videographer for their budget break-down – set-up, travel, filming, editing - and find out how much of their budget goes into the video-editing. Ideally, your videography budget should be near equal to your wedding photography budget.

2. The Set Up: According to most professionals, it's vital to have atleast two, or a maximum of three, videographers manning different cameras during your wedding. This allows for multiple camera angles and views during the ceremony. For instance, it allows for “getting ready” videos to be shot in both the groom's and bride's suites. Also, take the time to talk to your videographer about the timeline of your wedding, so they know when to be at hand to capture the moment on film.

3. The Audio: The audio aspect of your wedding video is just as, if not more, important as the video; especially, when it comes to capturing the crucial moments like your wedding vows, the toast, and the various speeches at your wedding reception. Ask your videographer how they intend to capture these moments with clarity. Some of the ways you can expect to hear are: portable recording device, or clip-on microphones that can be worn by the couple and other speakers, or even the on-camera microphone - newer models of cameras have excellent on-camera options.

4. The Details: In choosing a videographer, there are a number of details that you should enquire about before hiring them. These details can easily help you discern the best service you will need for your ceremony. Some details to consider are: the video length, video storage options (DVD/Bluray, USB, or any other means), final pricing and budget break-down, editing and delivery time-frames, and back-up plans/options in case of unforeseen circumstances like the weather.

5. The History: The final tip that you might consider is to choose a videographer and a photographer who have previously worked together. Now, this might not always be possible, but it is a huge bonus if you can manage it. During a wedding, more often than not, the photographer and videographer have to work in tandem with each other to capture the moments as they happen. As such, if they have a previous history of having worked together, it would mean an easier co-ordination between them. You can do this by asking your photographer for recommendations or referrals to videographers they have worked with before.

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