5 Unique Wedding Décor Ideas That Can Bring a “Wow” Factor  

29 JUNE 2016

Today, many couples choose to opt for customised and unconventional décor over traditional options. Making a wedding as unique as it can be takes meticulous planning right from the bridal attire to the decorations. The décor, in particular, is one area where creativity can truly take free rein.

Here are 5 unique décor ideas that will floor your wedding guests:

1. Floral Centrepieces

Floral centrepieces by themselves offer such a wide scope for creativity that there's truly no limit to the myriad different ways in which you can turn your table into a veritable treat for your guests' eyes. From floral arrangements in a number of different vase types, combined with a wide variety of vase fillers like loose beads, sea pebbles, sea shells, and colourful water absorbent crystals, you can let your imagination take a free dive into all the possibilities.

2. Non-floral Centrepieces

Centrepieces need not be limited to only floral arrangements. DIY-crafted centrepieces can bring a unique touch to your reception table. From hand-crafted flowers, bare branches hung with ornaments, sea shell displays, bonsais, to succulents and grain-stalks, there are a bazillion alternatives to floral displays. In the hands of a willing planner, your unique ideas can be brought to life. Your imagination is the only limitation.

3. Candles

Candles have long been associated with romance, and it should therefore be no surprise that they can lend themselves to a plethora of creative arrangements. You can opt for traditional arrangements on unique candlesticks or floating candle arrangements in mason jars or bowls. You can also opt for “flameless” candles that can “burn” all day long. You can put a twist on arrangements by using old-fashioned lanterns to add a rustic touch.

4. Wedding Bunting

From simple triangular paper bunting to hand-sewn bunting to non-traditional material used in the bunting, let your imagination run wild with this. Strings of thin colourful strips of ribbons and lace, or strings of unconventional fabric squares of burlap, lace and tweed, or strings of flowers (dried or fresh) can give your wedding venue a rustic, yet elegant feel. You can also go the quirky route by opting for strings of tassel-balls or brightly-coloured cut paper that will draw the eyes of your guests to your playful side.

5. Table Runners

Your table runners add that final touch – rustic, quaint or elegant – to your wedding décor. You can choose from simple plain runners of one colour to bright, multi-coloured woven runners in varying types of fabrics. Floral runners are another unique idea with which you can spark your creativity: from central floral runners to simple lace runners ending in elegant falling drapes of flowers off the sides of tables.

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5-Unique-Wedding-Décor-Ideas-That-Can-Bring-a-“Wow”-Factor http://www.theweddingmart.sg/blog/5-unique-wedding-decor-ideas-that-can-bring-a-wow-factor http://www.theweddingmart.sg/public/resources/blog_images/700/1467200946.jpg Today many couples choose to opt for customised and unconventional deacutecor over traditional options Making a wedd

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