6 Elegant Hair Accessories for Singaporean Brides  

24 AUGUST 2016

One of the most exciting aspects of your wedding is the fact that you get to look your gorgeous best on this day. Your hair will, of course, be your crowning glory. From up-dos to simple milkmaid braids to elegant French twists, your hairstyle will set the tone for your look. While a simple unadorned hairdo has an elegance of its own, hair accessories, when chosen right, can emphasise the loveliness to a whole other level.

Here a couple of accessories that you can use to accentuate your beautiful tresses on your big day:

1. Hair Combs

Set off a simple bridal up-do with a silver or gold hair comb encrusted with stones or Swarovski pearls. You can pin the comb to the top or side of your hairdo to add a touch of styled elegance to your tresses. You can also opt for combinations of feathers, tulle and lace in your comb. 

Bridal up-do with a silver hair combs

2. Laurel Wreath Headbands or Tiaras

Pay tribute to the ancient Greek goddesses by adorning your hair with a wreath

Laurel band made of silver or gold

3. Bridal Hair Pins

Encrust your hair with single stone encrusted or pear-topped hair-pins which you can artistically arrange around your hair or your updo. Floral designs and fleurons are popular choices

Pear-topped hair-pins

4. Single-sided Bridal Headbands

Set your gorgeous tresses off with an asymmetrical side headband adorned with an arrangement of stones, and pearls in gorgeous floral designs: 

Headband with stones

5. Floral Wreaths and Headbands

Hosting a spring wedding or an outdoor beach wedding? Floral wreaths made from fresh or dried blooms will go beautifully with your theme.

Floral wreaths made from fresh or dried blooms

6. Hair Chains

Adorn your tresses with a single or multiple strand hair chain. This accessory can add a quirky touch to a simple hairdo.  The chains can either drape towards the back of your head or towards the front. 

Back of head: 

Back of head hair chains

Front of head:

Front of head hair chains

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