7 Best-Kept Secrets of Wedding Make-up Artists  

16 AUGUST 2016

Making your face up to look your best on your wedding day is an art-form, and any missteps can result in a disastrous turn out on the most important day of your life. However, there are a number of tricks that make-up artists resort to ensure that their clients look stunning on their big day.  Here are seven of their best-kept secret tips:

1. Moisturise your skin before applying make-up
Yes, really. It might seem like a weird thing, since surely, applying moisturiser will make your skin look oily/shiny? Not so much. Make-up can actually be absorbed by dry skin, causing it to settle into the lines on your face, causing them to stand out. An oil-free moisturiser will prevent the make-up from seeping into your skin, allowing for a more even coat across your face. 

2. Matte for the most part
When it comes to choosing the kind of make-up you want to use, stick to a matte base for most of your products: the foundation, primer, bronzer and concealer. This will prevent your skin from taking on a shiny tinge. Opt for a shimmery highlighter only to be used across the apples of your cheeks and over your eyebrows.  Overdoing the shimmers all across your face is just a no-no. 

3. Natural skin-tones for your concealer
Contrary to popular practice, make-up artists have suggested that using a concealer that's close to your skin-tone is the way to go, rather than choosing one that's lighter than your tone. 

4. Testing the colour of your foundation
That usual practice of testing your skin foundation or concealer on the back of your hand? It isn't exactly accurate. For a better tone match, test it on the inside of your arm, as the skin there more closely matches your face's skin tone.

5. Always use primer before you apply foundation
A trick to ensure that your make-up lasts longer is to apply a even layer of primer all across the skin of your face. The primer will give the make-up a good grip on the skin, thereby ensuring that the make-up stays on for a longer time without running off. 

6. Don't forget to blend
Having applied the foundation, don't forget to blend it in with the rest of your skin below your jawline, down to your neck. Failing to do so will make it look streaky in photos. Blending is best done on a well-moisturised face, and as suggested earlier, helps keep the foundation in place. Additionally, you can use a face mist/spray to keep your skin liquefied while blending. Once it's dried, the make up will stay in place. 

7. Amp up your regular look; don't alter your look altogether
It's never a good idea to completely alter your look for your wedding day. Instead, make-up artists suggest that you just amp up your usual look: this means increasing the amount of make-up you'd naturally use. In addition, give yourself a number of trial runs days before the wedding. Take photographs of each run under different kinds of lights to figure out what amount of make-up you need to look right. 

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