How to Choose A Wedding Theme  

01 AUGUST 2016

When it comes to choosing a theme for their wedding, many brides find themselves at a loss at finding one that can planned around their budget. Wedding themes usually refers to the common motif around which the wedding is planned. 

Choosing a theme is not an absolute necessity, but when chosen it gives you a central point around which you can easily plan the various details of your wedding. Here are a few things to consider while choosing your theme:

1. Budget: As always, due consideration must be given to how much of your wedding budget can be allotted. Formal themes generally cost more than DIY and rustic themes. So whether you're going for a high-end affair or homey affair, understand that compromises between your budget and various details associated with the theme will need to be made. 

2. Individuality: The most important factor in choosing your theme is you and your spouse-to-be. So sit together and decide what you both want. What defines you together as a couple? Is there a significant aspect to your relationship that you can build your theme around? Are you both of the adventurous type? A beach theme might work for you. Do you both love personal touches and gestures? Then a rustic and DIY theme might be your style.

3. Colours: Decide on the colour palette of your wedding at the outset itself. Whether it's whites and blacks, pastels, jewel tones, or bold shades: whatever you choose, make sure the colours don't clash. Start a Pinterest board of colour palettes that have been used successfully in other weddings, and choose one that truly appeals to both you and your fiancé. Once you have chosen the colours for your wedding, planning the rest of the details will become easier, in that you won't need to worry at least about the colours of those details.  

4. Wedding Date: Have you set your wedding date? If you have, consider whether your theme is suitable for the season in which your date falls. The weather can often play spoilsport and therefore, in choosing your theme, ascertain if things planned around the theme will hold up on your day. For instance, a date set in the middle of the summer months is hardly conducive to an outdoor wedding like a beach wedding. 

5. Venue: You will also need to consider the venue in planing your theme. Is the venue open to the kind of decorations and set-up that will come with your theme? Do they have restrictions on the time, the food, or the attire?  Always enquire with the owners of the venue about these things before you even start planning around a theme.

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How-to-Choose-A-Wedding-Theme When it comes to choosing a theme for their wedding many brides find themselves at a loss at finding one that can plann

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