How To Plan An Adorable Bridal Shower  

15 APRIL 2016

Excited for the beautiful bride-to-be in your life? Nothing’s more special than being a bridesmaid for your close friend or sister. We know you want to make the event extra special for her and make sure she feels on top of the world on her special day and even before that.

And while the crazy fun is usually reserved for the bachelorette, a bridal shower is an important event for the bride to spend some time with her near and dear (usually female) ones and get that extra attention.

Planning a bridal shower doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make it extra special by adding a tinge of creativity and DIY. Here’s a checklist to the perfect bridal shower for the perfect bride.

The Venue

Choose a location close to where the bride and most of the guests reside. For a cozy get together, it is not a bad idea to look at your own place or rent out the community centre in the area where you live. Even an open gathering in a park or a farm house (if you have the budget) can be a great idea!

It is also in vogue to spend a day at the spa or take a wine tasting tour or lunch at the bride’s favourite venue for a hassle free bridal shower.

The Theme

As the traditional tea party theme is steadily going out of fashion, personalized themes based on the couple’s honeymoon destination, bride’s favourite movie or even food are becoming popular.

You could have a ‘Wine and Cheese’ themed shower or a ‘Caribbean’ theme or even a ‘Pirate’ theme to add a dash of fun and humour!

Decorate the venue in line with the theme, incorporate it in the invites and ask the guests to dress up the part.

Or how about a ‘Neon’ theme or one based on the bride’s preferred colours. The decorations don’t have to be expensive as well. Scout around the house for center pieces and tidbits that can fit the theme. Christmas lights, indoor plants, ribbons, balloons and fresh flowers arranged creatively can create a charming ambience.

The Invite

It is easy to invite guests – no postage hassle anymore. Create a Facebook invite or shoot an email or an Evite with some clipart to send across the invitation swiftly. However, make sure to invite people at least a month in advance so that they can keep themselves free. And of course, it would be thoughtful to invite only those guests who have been invited to the wedding.

Traditionally, close girl friends, grannies, mom, mom-in-law and sisters are invited for the shower. Don’t forget the handwritten invite for the old aunt who might not be very tech savvy!

Food and Drinks

The bridal shower is all about fun and togetherness. Make it cozier by cooking for the event and ask the other bridesmaids to get a dish each. Scan your cookbooks and the internet for easy finger foods and throw together a fruit punch and refreshing sangria for drinks.

The Gifts

Of course, all guests look forward to small gifts to remember the special day. Along with prizes for the games, make the return favours more personalized by choosing some scented soaps or making beautiful candles for the invitees.

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