Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Venue  

21 APRIL 2016

Choosing the place where you'll hold your wedding is one of the pivotal aspects of planning wedding. While it's easy to go by how impressive it is, there are a number of practical aspects that need to be considered before you settle on a wedding venue. Remember, that your venue will form a crucial part of your guests' experience. When you choose a venue, you should be able to pick a venue that hits all the mark in every detail. Here are five aspects that you should consider while picking your wedding venue:

1. Availability:

One of the first questions you need to ask is, “Is this venue available on my wedding day?” Having chosen your wedding date, the wedding venue needs to be free to host your wedding for the desired duration without the need to rush anything. To begin with, popular wedding venues are likely to be booked to the hilt if you don't get to them well in advance. You should also enquire with each venue as to the maximum number of weddings they can comfortably host on any given day. Having this information at hand will let you pick a venue which will let you have the full experience for the full value of your money.

2. Capacity:

Over the course of planning your wedding, your final guest list is highly unlikely to be similar to the one you originally drew up. Therefore, when you choose your venue, check on the maximum guest capacity of that venue. Most large venues will, more or less, hold upto 250 guests at a maximum. In addition to actual guest capacity in the venue, you should also take into consideration the parking capabilities that the venue offers, and any special concessions that can apply for weddings.

3. Packages:

Before you put together your wedding crew, you should take into consideration that some venues offer package deals for various wedding related services such as catering, decorations, and entertainment. While choosing the venue, find out if these venues will allow you to use your own vendors or not. Some venues will allow it, but require you to pay additional fees to host your own vendors. Others will not allow it, usually owing to contract terms with their vendors. So the decision comes down to whether willing you are to pay the extra buck to host your own team, or if you'd settle for the package deal.

4. Décor:

In most cases, the decorations and settings in the venue are in-house, and are provided for by the venue itself. However, couples that need special or customized settings can also be accommodated, provided the venue's policies allow for it and if the couple is willing to bear the additional expense. While going with your own decorator, it is generally advisable to work with a decorator or florist who is familiar with the venue. Additionally, talk to the venue owners about any restrictions they have on the kind of décor.

5. Accessibility:

In choosing your venue, it's also a good idea to take your venue's accessibility into account. Here are some questions you'll need to consider in terms of your venue's location: How far is it from the nearest bus terminal/airport/rail station for out-of-town guests? Is there any special service available to shuttle your guests to the venue? Are there are any special amenities or services for disabled and older guests? Taking all these into consideration can ensure that the setting adds to the wonderful experience of your wedding. Disgruntled and unhappy guests are the last thing you'll need on this day.

At, you can browse through our catalogue of wedding venues and wedding package deals to choose the best setting for the day you say “I do!”

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Top-5-Things-to-Consider-When-Choosing-Your-Wedding-Venue Choosing the place where you39ll hold your wedding is one of the pivotal aspects of planning wedding While it39s

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