Tips for Planning a Perfect Summer Wedding  

04 MAY 2016

A summer wedding can evoke images of a clear blue sky, crisp green grass, elegant flower archways and guests dressed in fashionable summer wear toasting your big day. And yes, your summer wedding can be everything you imagined, provided you plan it right. Remember the flip side of a summer wedding is the weather which can become muggy and hot, and can ruin what is supposed to be a perfectly wonderful day. Here are a few things you must take into consideration if you're planning on being a summer bride:

1. The Bride: A summer wedding means you will have to rethink a number of factors including your wedding gown, your hairdo, your makeup and a number of other details.

  • A summer wedding calls for a lighter fabric for your gown, that will allow your skin to breathe, like silk or cotton.
  • As for shoes, you will need sturdy heels that will not sink into the grass or sand. So skip the pumps and opt for thicker heels or flats.
  • Curls and waves do not often fare well in the humidity. A summer wedding calls for hairstyles that will keep the hair away from your face or neck to avoid sticky hair situations.
  • For your wedding bouquet, make sure you talk to your florist who can suggest arrangements that will hold up in the heat. Calla lilies, garden roses, peonies and sunflowers are ideal options for a summer bouquet.
  • The heat can cause your make-up to run if proper care and precautions aren't taken. For one, stick with waterproof primer, foundation and mascara that can hold up well. Additionally, make sure you have blotters and powder in your emergency make-up kit.


2. The Guests: Your big day is about sharing the joy of your union with those you truly love and care about: your wedding guests! The last thing you want is for your guests to become disgruntled under hot, sweltering conditions that causes them to sweat and become dehydrated. Here are few tips to ensure your guests stay cool:

  • Try setting up your guests' seating area in a shady area in your outdoor venue, or if that is not possible, set up umbrellas at each table to ensure your guests are shielded from the sun.
  • Set up air-conditioners, fans or coolers at different spots around the venue.
  • Keep your guests hydrated by providing a steady supply of iced water. You can also set up a juice bar or cocktail bar that your guests will definitely enjoy.
  • Stay away from metal chairs and tables, if you can. If you have no other choice, use table covers and chair slip covers to prevent your guests from getting burned.


3. The Food: A heavy wedding lunch or dinner doesn't go well with a summer wedding. Feeling stuffed and full can mean a lot of discomfort, while trying to bear up under hot weather.

  • Plan your menu around a light yet scrumptious meal that can include simple appetizers, fresh salads, seafood, cheese and fruits.
  • Keep your wedding cake in a cooling unit, and do not bring it out until it's time to cut it. Heat can cause your cake-frosting to melt off and can even cause your cake to become soggy and collapse.
  • Keep your food at the serving stations covered at all times. Fresh food is a magnet for flies and gnats.


Planning a summer wedding may seem a little hard, but it doesn't have to be. With the right people in your corner, you can enjoy your big day without having to worry about the heat playing spoilsport. At, we list a wide range of wedding service providers from florists, caterers, stylists and photographers who can help turn your summer wedding into a truly magical day.

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Tips-for-Planning-a-Perfect-Summer-Wedding A summer wedding can evoke images of a clear blue sky crisp green grass elegant flower archways and guests dressed in

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