Top 10 Wedding Desserts to Inspire Your Wedding Guests  

27 MAY 2016

According to many wedding professionals and planners, a good chunk of the wedding budget goes into food and catering. Satisfying your guests' palate is serious business, especially when it comes to desserts.

Here are 10 of the most popular desserts which will have your guests making a beeline towards the dessert table.

1. Wedding Cake: Whether they are three-tiered (or four-tiered) and covered in fondant or two-tiered and frosted, the wedding cake is the central piece of any wedding dessert table. From elegant designs to simple designs, there is a whole wide range of options to choosing the cake that defines your wedding.

2. Croquembouche: This is a French dessert which consists of delicious choux-pastry profiteroles piled up in a glorious cone, decorated with glazed sugar, caramel threads and sometimes, icing. They can serve as an alternative to a wedding cake, as well.

3. Kueh Lapis: This traditional Singaporean dessert which is traditionally made from glutinous rice flour, coconut and sugar can add a colourful touch to your dessert table. With a plethora of flavours to choose from, your guests will be hard-pressed to stay away from the dessert table.

4. Baked Tarts and Pies: Whether it's a tray of fruit tarts or a delicious slice of pie, you will add a touch of homeyness to your dessert table. These classic desserts are ideal for a rustic wedding theme, and are guaranteed to stay with your guests long after they have left the venue.

5. Doughnuts: You can NEVER go wrong with doughnuts. From simple glazed doughnuts to those dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, your dessert table will soon need a restock. Adults and children, alike, will love digging into these,

6. Ice-Cream Sandwiches: This classic dessert which consists of a delicious dollop of ice-cream sandwiched between two cookies will be ideal for summer weddings. You can have your caterers assemble them on the spot to be served to your guests or you can have them already assembled – just make sure keep them cool at all times.

7. Churros: This Spanish snack, which is made with pastry dough and served with dulce de leche dips or melted chocolate will be an instant hit with guests. You can set up a churro station so that your guests can have them piping hot.

8. Cupcakes: Cupcakes are a perfect example of a dessert that blends both familiarity and elegance into a small package of pure delight. With a variety of flavours and designs, cupcakes are a definite must-have on any dessert table. You can also allow your guests to get creative by setting up a frosting station that allows them to choose the frostings and toppings for their cake.

9. Chocolate/Fondue Fountain: What can beat the sight of flowing decadence at the centre of the table? Just ensure that you've taken all precautions for safety and hygiene before setting it up.

10. Milkshakes: Frothy milky goodness that is simply perfect for a hot summer wedding day. From classic flavours like vanilla to more sophisticated flavours, there's so much one can do with milkshakes. lists a whole range of bakers, pastry chefs and caterers who can help you with your spectacular dessert spread.

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Top-10-Wedding-Desserts-to-Inspire-Your-Wedding-Guests According to many wedding professionals and planners a good chunk of the wedding budget goes into food and catering Sa

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