Top 6 Things to Consider Before Setting the Wedding Date  

22 AUGUST 2016

So, you're newly-engaged? Congratulations! When it comes to planning your wedding, a lot of it will hinge on your wedding date. So, setting the date should be the one of the first things on your wedding planning check-list. When it comes to finalising the date on which you will exchange your vows, a lot of factors will come into play. Going in though, two things will serve you best when you select a date: compromise and flexibility. You'll need to make choices, and in doing so, you'll need to be decisive. Wavering on a decision can turn the whole thing into an unnecessary grievance. 

Here are six things you'll need to consider before you start sending out your save-the-date cards:

1. Budget
According to most wedding experts, some seasons are more expensive than others. The months of June and September, for instance, are pricier than other months. Likewise, weddings planned on Saturdays tend towards the high cost end, as well. So, going for any of these months or days might mean compromising on a few other things in your wedding plan. So, be flexible on those if you are dead-set on peak-wedding months or dates. 

2. Venue
So, you have a favourite venue? Well, it is likely that said venue may be booked to the hilt on your preferred wedding dates; popular venues are usually booked 12-18 months in advance. So, again this brings up the question of what matters most to you. Having the venue of your choice and picking a date that's available for them or choosing a venue that's available on the dates you personally want. If the former, you'll need to act fast and snap up the date as quickly as you can. If the latter, you'd be surprised by the number of non-traditional, off-beat venues that you can find for your big day. 

3. Your Schedule
Another major consideration is the schedules, not just of you and your fiancé, but also of your wedding party and guests. First, consider your own schedule: depending on the kind of work you do, ascertain if your workplace is flexible enough to free up time for both the wedding and the honeymoon. The same goes for your fiancé's schedule, as well.

4. Your Guests' Schedules
Then, there's co-ordinating the schedules of those you'll absolutely need on your big day: your parents, your grandparents, your maid-of-honour, your bridesmaids, the best man and the groomsmen. It might seem daunting, but really, it's your wedding day; and the ones that mean the most to you will be definitely open to compromise. 

5. Special Days and Holidays
Special dates like Valentine's Day, New Years' Eve or national holidays are pretty popular for weddings, and as such, bagging those dates may be really difficult. The same is the case with dates that are unique such as palindromic dates (6/10/16) or mathematical dates (12/14/16 or 8/8/16). So, if you want one of these dates, you'll need to consider booking and arranging thing quite well in advance. 

6. The Season
Is your dream wedding an outdoor wedding with extensive floral settings and pastel colours? Or do you prefer an indoor, intimate ceremony with elegant wedding décor? Whatever your choices, you'll need to consider if the weather/season jibes with your plans: schedules, attire, venue availability, etc. has an extensive listing for wedding planners, venues, decorators and whole plethora of wedding services. Browse through our conveniently categorised listings and build your dream wedding crew. 

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Top-6-Things-to-Consider-Before-Setting-the-Wedding-Date So you39re newly-engaged Congratulations When it comes to planning your wedding a lot of it will hinge on your we

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