Top 7 Amazing Wedding Cake Display Ideas  

25 JULY 2016

While the joy of a wedding marks the beginning of togetherness for you and your partner, the delight of sharing that joy with your guests is just as special. Your wedding cake embodies that delight, and can be a reflection of the happiness that permeates the day. Your wedding cake is a lot more than a dessert: it is one of the central aspects of your big day. 

After a lot of deliberation, you've chosen the flavour, worked out the design, and ordered all the other details to go with your cake. So, your cake is all set to be served. But, wait! Have you thought of how you will set up your wedding cake in the venue? If you haven't, then you should! Setting up your cake display is just as important as every other aspect of your wedding décor. You do not need to have a professional prowess in setting up your cake display. With a few twists on creativity, you can make the table for your cake look out of the ordinary!

Here are a few innovative ideas for arranging your wedding cake so that it wows your guests!

Bring Out Those Vintage Props: – Adding elements from the days past such as mercury lamps or a gramophone can add a vintage touch to your cake display and can bring your guests flocking towards your table. Presenting a perfect mix of the old and modern themes have become a popular concept in weddings these days. 

Vintage Cake Display

The Big and The Small: – Bite-sized treats like cup cakes, marshmallows and meringues laid out on the stand under your wedding cake will make your dessert table look tempting. A single cake supplemented with these mouth-watering delicacies is much easier to put together than a three-tiered affair. Children, especially, will be drawn to this display. 

Wedding Cupcakes

Top your Cakes Differently – While most wedding cakes are multiple-tiered ones, unstacking the tiers and decorating each tier with a different topping or design can be a simple yet attractive concept. 

Wedding Cake Toppers

Linens to Enhance Your Display – The colours and patterns of the linen spread on the table can enhance the overall aesthetic of your wedding table. When the colour of the linen and the cake complement each other, it can make your display a point of pride.

Wedding Cake Table Linen

Set Up an Apt Backdrop – Since cakes are one of the most photographed elements in your wedding, the backdrop should not clutter the pleasing appearance of the cake. Make sure the backdrop is well-lit and pristine. 

Wedding Cake Backdrop

Make it Flowery – Incorporating flower vases or fresh flower displays on your table will make for a beautiful wedding cake display, making it look vibrant and modern. Flowers, as always, can style any set-up and increase its elegance.

Flowery Wedding Cakes

Choose a Rustic Theme – An old wooden stand or pedestal combined with simple fondant design for your cake can constitute a truly elegant cake display. Rustic designs are one of the out-of-the-box concepts that most couples opt for in recent days.

Rustic Theme Wedding Cake can help you find the right person for your wedding cake and other aspects of your wedding décor!

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Top-7-Amazing-Wedding-Cake-Display-Ideas While the joy of a wedding marks the beginning of togetherness for you and your partner the delight of sharing that joy

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