Top Tips for Creating Orchid Wedding Bouquets  

26 JULY 2016

While flowers add colour to many wedding features, the bridal bouquet is the main aspect of a wedding's floral detail. Your bouquet is part of your wedding attire, and will therefore need to be selected with care. Orchids are one of the most popular choices for brides, these days. While, roses have long been considered a staple of wedding floral décor, and are a symbol of love and affection, orchids add glamour in their own way. First of all, orchids are perennial flowers. You can avail them regardless of whether you're having a winter, summer or spring wedding. This makes them one of the most sought-after décor options in weddings. Orchids are also available in an array of colours and varieties that can, therefore, leave you spoiled for choice in matching the theme and other features of your wedding décor. 

If you have decided on carrying an orchid bouquet, you have made an excellent choice! Here are a few tips on how to preserve the orchids before you walk down the aisle!

1) Have all the requisite things at hand such as floral tape, bouquet pins, and the bouquet wrap.

2) Soak the orchids in water for about 10 to 15 minutes, so that you can remove any dirt from the petals and stem. Soaking the orchids also refreshes them.

3) If you are not going to use the flowers right away, store them in a cool place. 

4) Before using the orchids, make sure you gently dab off excess water/moisture using a paper towel.

5) Remove the foliage from the flower carefully. In the course of removing the leaves, do not end up damaging or crushing the delicate petals.

6) Choose the largest bloom out of all the orchids and make it the centre of the entire arrangement.

7) Chop the stems of the orchids if they are very long.

8) Carefully arrange the orchids one after the other in a rounded form or any other pattern you wish for..

9) After adding every flower to the set-up, turn the arrangement around and over to see if the pattern is maintained. This also helps ensure that the outcome is even throughout.

10) Once you feel that you have shaped your bouquet to your satisfaction, bind the stems with floral tape or wire. Take extra caution in this step as this is what is going to hold your bouquet together throughout your wedding ceremony.

11) Once you are done with binding the flowers, cut the stems of the orchids evenly.

12) Add any accessories of your preference for a personalized and ideal finish to the bouquet. And voilà!

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Top-Tips-for-Creating-Orchid-Wedding-Bouquets While flowers add colour to many wedding features the bridal bouquet is the main aspect of a wedding39s floral detai

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