Wedding Gifts Etiquette – Singapore Gift Giving Customs  

11 MAY 2016

Weddings are special – not just for the couple tying the knot, but also for friends and loved ones invited to be a part of this solemn occasion. Have a local wedding to attend in Singapore soon and wondering what to gift the couple to show your love and affection? Unlike West, in certain communities in Singapore, you are not expected to bring a gift unless you are a really close friend of the bride or groom. It is always best to have an idea of the local traditions and culture when you attend a Singaporean wedding, lest you end up feeling embarrassed. Here is a little guide to help you pick out the right gifts for the couple tying the knot. Before proceeding further, let us tell you that even if you goof up, people in Singapore are really cosmopolitan and will pardon your faux pas without flinching an eyelid.

For an Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are known to be big, bright and royal. They are festive occasions where everyone dresses in their best, and bright colors are always appreciated. It is best to avoid wearing black or white, a modest dress in any other color would do just fine. It is totally acceptable to give packed gifts, bouquets and even monetary envelopes at an Indian wedding. In case you have decided to give cash in an envelope, keep a figure that ends in 1 (such as 101 or 1,001) as it is considered to be very auspicious.

For a Malay wedding

First things first, remember to dress up modestly for a traditional Malay wedding to avoid hurting anyone’s sensibilities. Avoid clothes that are too tight or revealing. As for the gift, it is not very common to give presents unless you meet the couple at a separate occasion than the wedding. For the wedding, the safest bet is to gift monetary envelopes. Remember, the aim of the gift is not to compensate the couple for their expenses but to show your affection. Keep an amount that you are comfortable gifting and if you have the time, go in for a beautifully decorated envelope to add some zing.

For a Chinese wedding

Chinese weddings are synonymous with the traditional multi course dinner. If you are attending one, dress up in any color apart from white or black (as these colors symbolize death). It is common for the bride to dress in red, so it might be wise to pick up colors such as pink, orange, green or any other color apart from red. When it comes to wedding gifts, Ang Baos in red or golden color are the most preferred options. An Ang Bao or a Hong Bao refers to a red monetary envelope that is a traditional Chinese gift. You can decide any amount you’d like to keep in the envelope but it is good etiquette to choose an amount that covers the expense of a guest at the wedding. Also, remember to steer clear of any amount with number ‘4’ in it as it is related to death in Chinese language.

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Wedding-Gifts-Etiquette-–-Singapore-Gift-Giving-Customs Weddings are special ndash not just for the couple tying the knot but also for friends and loved ones invited to be a

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