Wedding Guests: Tips to Decide Who Gets Invited  

17 MAY 2016

Deciding whom to invite for your wedding can be confusing and emotionally draining as well. Couples may want to invite all their friends, colleagues and relatives for the occasion, but budget and space constraints hardly allow for such a luxury.

Your guest list is an integral part of the wedding preparations. From deciding the venue, to the food to the invitations, your guest list will be the deciding factor.

Don't be baffled by this elusive list anymore; here are tips to help you create a practical guest list for a memorable wedding.

Starting Off

Preparing the first draft of your guest list is easier than you thought. Sit down with your partner and envision your wedding. Do you have a fixed venue in mind? If so, how many people can it accommodate? What is your budget? Remember, each guest adds up to your budget and you must know how much can you afford to spend. 

  • Start off by listing the family first – parents, siblings, grandparents and first cousins. It is not a must to invite distant cousins, but if you invite one, then don’t skip the others unless you are okay with an uncomfortable family reunion sometime down the lane.
  • Next, list your common friends, your own close buddies and please do include their better halves; if your budget allows, you could also allow the singles to bring a date to enjoy the occasion.
  • Colleagues come next on the list. Until and unless you have decided to invite every single person in the office, refrain from posting the e-vite on the collective office id. The best option is to stick to out-of-office friends; only invite colleagues you socialize with outside the office, as they are truly your friends. In case the wedding is on a large scale, do invite your boss as well.

Now that your first list is ready, check if it falls in line with your budget. If not, start eliminating in the reverse order of how you populated the list, till you hit your magic number. It is also possible to have a separate guest list for the wedding ceremony and the reception to manage the number.

Here are few more wedding list etiquettes to help you with the list:

Inviting ‘an extra’ – There is no compulsion to invite ‘an extra’ with your single guests. In case you cannot have too many guests, do not invite ‘an extra’ but pay special attention to seating the singletons together to ensure they have a good time at the event.

Inviting children – It is absolutely okay to not invite children, especially if you are having a formal black tie reception. In case you are throwing an informal reception and have space and budget for more, you can invite kids, but make sure to arrange for a baby-sitter to keep a watch on them. A separate room with some toys, movies and kiddie treats would be a great plus.

Your wedding is the most awaited occasion of your life and you want to enjoy it with your loved ones. Unless unavoidable, do not invite guests in whose presence you feel uncomfortable. It is also acceptable to have a low-key wedding with only close family and friends.

It can be stressful making arrangements for your wedding. Prepare yourself for your special day and let create a memorable wedding for you. Post your requirement online and save time and money by receiving the best quotes from vendors for all your wedding needs, instantly.

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Wedding-Guests:-Tips-to-Decide-Who-Gets-Invited Deciding whom to invite for your wedding can be confusing and emotionally draining as well Couples may want to invite a

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