5 Latest Trends in Singaporean Bridal Make-up and Styling  

19 APRIL 2016

Looking their radiant best on their wedding day is of paramount importance to any bride. Gone are the days when bridal make-up meant dramatic shades and loud colours. Today's brides tend to opt for a tempered blend of elegance and sophistication that enhances their looks without resorting to being ostentatious. Here are some trends that brides in Singapore are choosing these days:

1. The Natural Look:

One of the major missteps that a bride can make on their big day is to wear a lot of make-up that completely hides or alters their natural look. These days, make-up artists advocate the benefits of the natural look, which enhances the bride’s natural beauty through subtle tones that highlight the best features on her face. This effect can be achieved by using a foundation that is a shade or two darker than your natural tone, combined with a muted shade of blush. To prevent the overall look from tending towards blandness, you can opt for a lipstick that’s colourful enough to complement your skin tone, without going over the top.

2. Face Contouring:

This make-up technique complements the natural look by adding definition to your facial features. It especially works to highlight the apples of your cheeks, and minimises the appearance of features that you don’t want to stand out. The perfect contoured look is the combination of a darker contour shade for the hollows of your cheek bones that gradually blends into a lighter highlight colour as you move towards the high points of your cheek. Once the cheeks are done, the highlight-contour combination is then applied to the rest of your face, with the contours being used on the outer edges of your face, and working the highlights in the centre of your forehead, down the bridge of your nose, the chin and under your eyes.

3. Smoky Eyes:

Smoky eyes add a dramatic flair to the bride’s look by drawing attention to their eyes. The sparkle in a blushing bride’s eyes can be enhanced by a subtle combination of light grey or silver eye shadows offset by natural blush shades like pink or light bronze. The key toa perfect smoky look is the blending of the shades that are used. The blending needs to be done so that each shade gradually merges into the other shade. Another tip is to stay away from the blacks as much as you can, or if you MUST use it, do so sparingly. The final look is rounded off with a kohl or crayon liner in a brown shade, and highlights on the inner eye.

4. Naturally Shaped Eyebrows:

Frame those smoky eyes with the natural shape of your eyebrows. Yes, you read that right. These days, brides are going for enhancing the natural shape of their eyebrows instead of thinning them out. Drastically altering the shape of your eyebrows can result in a possible hit-or-miss situation that can spell disaster if it tends towards the “miss” side of things. Make-up artists primarily make use of tweezers to achieve this look, and use waxing and threading sparingly. The key is to remove individual stray hairs and then work on filling the shape of your brows. Any bald spots or gaps in the shape should be filled in with pencil or powder that is same shade as the undertones of your hair.

5. Well-Defined Lips:

Depending on how daring you want to be, there’s a wide range of ways you can go with from muted peach shades to bolder red shades. The trick is to have one feature on your face stand out. If you’re going for the smoky eyed look, a muted shade of lipstick will complement it beautifully. On the other hand, if your eye make-up is muted, a bolder shade of lipstick like berry or deep red will offset it splendidly. In choosing your lipstick, make sure you pick one that will last long. To that effect, it’s better to opt for a matte lipstick over a glossy since they tend last longer.

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