Wedding Tuxedo: Tips to Find the Right Tuxedo for Your Body Type  

18 JULY 2016

The wedding tuxedo is, in all likelihood, the one thing that you would want to get just right. When you see the love of your life in her wedding gown, it's a guarantee that you will be blown away by how exquisite she looks. The care she has taken into choosing that gown has paid off. Likewise, as she makes her way towards you, you can be sure that she will be equally thrilled on seeing you in your sharp and fitted tuxedo: the one that you have taken just as much care in picking as she has in choosing her gown.

Much like with wedding gowns, it's important to assess the body type before choosing the type of tuxedo that will work. The ideal tuxedo is one that will accentuate your body's best features and draw attention away or disguise the – I refuse to call them flaws! – less flattering aspect of your body type. 

1. Tall and Thin: This body type can go with just about any style of tuxedo; the key factor to focus on is to ensure that it is well-fitted. A single-breasted jacket with 2-3 buttons or double-breasted jacket with padded shoulders can both work well. It's a matter of either choosing to accentuate your thin frame, in which case you can opt for the former; or filling out your frame to appear a little bulkier, in which the double-breasted works better. Cummerbunds and vests can both work to your advantage. 

2. Tall, but Muscular: With such a body type, most grooms will want to appear slimmer to complement their tall frame. Therefore, that throws the double-breasted jacket out the window. Instead, opt for a clean-cut single-breasted number, preferably in black, that lends itself to a slimmer/sleeker look. Cummerbunds are not a good option here - they will draw attention to your broader frame – instead, opt for a sleek vest under your jacket. Take care also with the size of your bow-tie; too small and it'll look like your bow tie is too tight. 

3. Short and Thin: Here, you'll need to find a tux that will make your frame look longer, while still accentuating your slim frame. Therefore, double-breasted jackets or four-button jackets are a no-no. Instead, opt for a jacket that has a low buttons, paired with a flat-front or pleated trousers.  A vest or a narrow tie will also add to the look perfectly. As always, ensure that your clothes look fitted; any extra fabric will only hang off your frame, making it look awkward. 

4. Short but Muscular or Husky: With this body type, you will want to draw the attention away from your waistline and add an elongated feel to your bodyline. Therefore, the double-breasted option is just not right. A single-breasted fit jacket with one or two buttons paired with a fitted vest is the best option. Stay away from the cummerbund, as it draws attention to the waistline.

5. Universal Dos and Don'ts:

  • Never, ever, ever, ever wear a belt. That's a sure-fire way to ruin the look. 
  • Traditional neckties are a no-no, too. A tuxedo is not a formal suit. It's a tuxedo. Slim/narrow ties or bow-ties are the only things that work well. 
  • Keep your shoes simple. Black Oxfords or slip-ons work best. 

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Wedding-Tuxedo:-Tips-to-Find-the-Right-Tuxedo-for-Your-Body-Type The wedding tuxedo is in all likelihood the one thing that you would want to get just right When you see the love of

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